Here are a few words about what the industry have to say about Acoustic Signature:

Stereophile: "This the smoothest running and/or best isolated conventional motor I've ever encountered at any price!." "..the Final Tool with it's solid construction, superb bearing, sophisticated electronic motor drive, provision for multiple tonearms, and a heavy, oversized, well damped platter might be the the best value out there" "..nothing at this price point compares in terms of built quality ."(Michael Fremer Stereophile)

Stereotimes: ..and is strong contender not only in its price range, but also compared to far more expensive tables. Combining the bass power and soundstaging capacities of popular "high-end audiophile" tables with the dancing and singing rhythmic abilities of the "musicophile" UK tables, the Final Tool will appeal to those who want it all.

Hi-Fi & Records: The Mambo is convincing from the first note;.. It was completely solid, was perfect structured. The dynamics of the bass was the best I've ever heard.

Hi-Fi & Records: A turntable like nothing before. Mechanical engineering at it's best. Sound quality of the Analog ONE MKIII is free of any mistakes with a very fast and dynamic bass and rhythm. Voices, timing, rhythm, everything perfect.

Stereoplay/Germany: "Everything is perfect on Acoustic Signature turntables!

We say: These turntables are rock solid, it's a product that will last you a life time, they require no maintenance what so ever and they come with a 10 year warranty. So yes Mr. Analogue! Reference German turntables for audiophiles that like accurate vinyl playback and German over engineering.