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Acoustic Signature

Acoustic Signa­ture turn­table belts are extremely precisely grinded square belts. Belts can change their original shape over time due to mecha­nical stress, tempe­rature changes, changes in humidity and UV light. We therefore recom­mend that you replace the turn­table belts every three years to ensure that the perfor­mance of your turn­table is not affected.

Acoustic Signature turn­tables use three diffe­rent belt lengths, depending on the model. See the compa­tibility chart below to deter­mine the appro­priate belts. New drive belts and other compo­nents can be purchased at any time using our online inquiry form “Spare parts”.

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Acoustic Signature belt

Every turn­table purchased and regis­tered after October 2020 will benefit from the Acoustic Signa­ture warranty exten­sion. This includes a free belt exchange service every 3 years – including delivery directly to your home.

Technical Data Belt Long

Type:Square belt grinded large
Length:900 mm
Diameter:287 mm
Compatibility:Analog One, Barzetti, Challenger, Crystal, Double X, Double X NEO, ECCO, Final Tool, Mambo, Manfred, Maximus, Maximus SE, Maximus NEO, Merlin, Primus, Samba, Storm, Thunder, WOW, WOW XL, WOW XXL, Triple X
Article No.:1111

Technical Data Belt Medium

Type:Square belt grinded medium
Length:490 mm
Diameter:153 mm
Compatibility:Ascona MK2, Asona MK3, Invictus, Invictus NEO, Invictus Jr., Invictus Jr. NEO, Montana, Novum
Article No.:3404

Technical Data Belt Short

Type:Square belt grinded short
Length:358 mm
Diameter:114 mm
Compatibility:Ascona NEO, Hurricane NEO, Montana NEO, Tornado NEO, Typhoon NEO, Verona NEO
Article No.:4849

Please get in touch with us for older models and belt versions!

Acoustic Signature spare part service

Spare Part Service

You can absolutely rely on the Acoustic Signa­ture spare part service: apart from belts and other wearing parts you may order any part of any of our products – no matter of their production date.


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