Turntable Belts

Acoustic Signature

Acoustic Signa­ture turntable belts are pre­cisely grin­ded square belts. Belts intent to get out of shape due to usage time, tempe­rature, humidity and UV-light. This limits the turn­table’s perfor­mance. A change after three years is there­fore recom­mended.

Turntables of Acoustic Signature use one of two diffe­rent belt lengths depen­ding on the model. You may find the compa­tibility chart below on the page, hel­ping you to find out the right belt mat­ching your specific player. New belts can be ordered via the Acoustic Signa­ture spare part service.

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Acoustic Signature belt

If you own a registered Acoustic Signature turntable manufactured after October 2020, you are benefiting from the extended warranty. In that case we offer a free belt service/delivery direct to your home every 3 years in order to maintain the high quality standard and performance of your Acoustic Ssignature turntable

Technical Data Belt Standard

Type:Square belt grinded standard
Length:900 mm
Diameter:287 mm
Compatibility:Barzetti, Challenger, Double X, Double X NEO, Final Tool, Mambo, Maximus, Maximus SE, Maximus NEO, Manfred, Primus, Storm, Thunder, WOW, WOW XL, WOW XXL

Technical Data Belt Short

Type:Square belt grinded short
Length:490 mm
Diameter:153 mm
Compatibility:Ascona, Ascona NEO, Hurricane NEO, Invictus Junior, Invictus Jr. NEO, Invictus from construction year 2014, Invictus NEO, Montana, Montana Neo, Novum, Tornado NEO, Typhoon NEO

Please get in touch with us for older models and belt versions!

Acoustic Signature spare part service

Spare Part Service

You can absolutely rely on the Acoustic Signa­ture spare part service: apart from belts and other wearing parts you may order any part of any of our products – no matter of their production date.


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