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TA-9000 NEO

TA-9000 NEO tonearm sideview

One of the most elaborate armtube designs in the history of high-end components, ball bearings used in astronautics which can hardly be surpassed in terms of precision and low friction, an innovative material symbiosis that has been thought out down to the smallest detail and that unites extreme rigidity and lightness as well as the ability to absorb vibrations: the TA-9000 NEO is made for the ultimate turntables.


TA-7000 NEO

TA-7000 NEO tonearm

With its carbon armtube, its special inner construction, the ball bearings used in astronautics, the high-purity silver wiring and last but not least the famous manufacturing quality of Acoustic Signature, the TA-7000 NEO is an absolute world class tonearm.


TA-5000 NEO

TA-5000 NEO tonearm

The TA-5000 NEO is a tonearm at a fair price that has virtually no limitations. High-precision hybrid ball bearings, 3 layers of carbon with special damping elements, an internal cabling made of high-purity silver and our benchmark manufacturing quality culminate in an innovative tonearm that is up against the best of its guild.


TA-2000 NEO

TA-2000 NEO tonearm

Our TA‑2000 NEO undoubtedly plays with the “big boys” – not only because of the immaculate workmanship typical of Acoustic Signature: the concept of this tonearm combines an extraordinarily stiff and at the same time well-damped dual-layer carbon tube with an almost frictionless precision ball bearings and a high-quality Mogami internal wiring. In short: a tonearm that harmonizes with most of the top range cartridges.


TA-500 NEO

TA 500 NEO tonearm

A turntable is only as good as its weakest link! As a matter of principle, we do not want to allow ourselves to call our “smallest” an entry-level tonearm. The TA-500 NEO is simply much too good for that!


TA-1000 NEO

Acoustic Signature TA-1000 NEO

A well thought-out tonearm tube concept, an excellent bearing and the best materials: with our TA‑1000 NEO you definitely don’t give away any sound potential.


Invictus NEO

Invictus NEO turntable

We could now write an essay on our Invictus NEO. But this would make no sense. You wouldn’t believe us anyway until you have heard our masterpiece yourself. So let’s make this short: No matter where you look – the Acoustic Signature Invictus NEO is the best turntable in the world. Spot.


Typhoon NEO

Acoustic Signature Typhoon NEO

The Typhoon NEO knows almost no compromises! Prepared for 3 tonearms and equipped with the second-highest expansion stages of our newest drive system and chassis technologies, this high mass turntable will produce high audiophile waves – in the most positive sense.


Tornado NEO

Tornado NEO bi-color

The Acoustic Signature Tornado NEO is prepared for 3 tonearms and equipped with our very latest innovative technologies. The turntable provides a captivating musical performance that will take even the most experienced analogists by storm.



Acoustic Signature turntables

From turntables prepared for up to four tonearms to compact high-end designs: Acoustic Signature’s NEO series offers ten top-of-the-line high-mass turntables – final analog solutions for every level of sophistication. The Acoustic Signature NEO series is the culmination of more than 25 years of experience, groundbreaking technological developments, an unparalleled depth of manufacturing with highest quality standards, a unique design language, and last but not least: an unwavering love for the analog music reproduction.