The record clamps &
record weight stabilizers

Acoustic Signature

Vinyl play­back suffers consi­dera­bly if the record does not lie com­pletely flat on the platter. With the vinyl revival, the buyer’s com­plaints grew: wavy vinyl, often the result of an insuffi­cient cooling out of the freshly pressed plastic discs in the pres­sing plants, is no longer a rarity.

Precision record clamps and record weight stabi­lizers from Acoustic Signa­ture remedy this situa­tion by resto­ring full con­tact with the platter surface and pro­viding best dam­ping charac­teris­tics. At the same time vibra­tions caused by reflec­tive sound and/or impact sound are minimized.

Even with perfectly flat records Acoustic Signa­ture record clamps and record weight stabilizers provide better imaging, reso­lution and defi­nition thus contribute to a significantly improved repro­duc­tion of the entire frequency range.

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Record clamps

Record weight stabilizers