Grip Mk3
record clamp

Acoustic Signature

The Acoustic Signa­ture Grip MK3 record clamp elimi­nates the sound degra­dation caused by wavy records. The imple­men­ted precision mecha­nism presses the record firmly onto the platter, elimi­nating existing unevenness.

Compa­red to a normal record weight stabi­lizer the Grip MK3 offers a signifi­cantly higher contact pres­sure and, due to its mass of 330 grams, cannot stress the bearing – the opti­mal addition for turn­tables with sub-chassis and/or little platter mass.

To open and close a quarter turn is suffi­cient. A complete unscre­wing as with many other record clamps is not neces­sary. The Grip MK3 turn­table clamp is made entirely of high-quality alumi­num. The pro­duc­tion takes place on CNC-con­trolled machines in order to precisely main­tain the smal­lest tolerances.

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Handmade in Germany

Grip Mk3 in silver

Grip Mk3 in black

Grip Mk3 in silverblack

Grip Mk3 in silver

Grip Mk3 in black

Technical data & finish

  • Weight: 330 g
  • Available finishes: silver anodized, black anodized, natural aluminum (diamond-turned)