Maximus NEO

Acoustic Signature

What is the refe­rence pro­duct for other manu­fac­tu­rers is the star­ting point turn­table for Acoustic Signature. The Maximus NEO, the succes­sor of the popu­lar Maximus, already per­forms at a level that lea­ves many so-called flag­ships behind!

Maximus NEO in silver

Maximus NEO in black

Maximus NEO in bi-color

Maximus NEO in silverblackbi-color

Special features:

  • Quiet AC-motor with external, super stable multi-voltage power supply
  • Integrated digital motor controller
  • Innovative AVC technology level 1 (Automatic Vibration Control)
  • Ultraprecise, extremely rigid and robust DTD® bearing with diamond-coated spindle (Dura Turn Diamond® Bearing)
  • New and 30 % larger, resonance-reducing aluminum alloy chassis with aluminum platter

Acoustic Signature AVC - Automatic Vibration Control

Acoustic Signature CLD - Constraint Layer Damping

Acoustic Signature DTD - Dura Turn Diamond Bearing

15 year warranty

Handmade in Germany

Frontview of the Acoustic Signature Maximus NEO in black
Bird's view of the Acoustic Signature Maximus NEO in silver
Sideview of the Acoustic Signature Maximus NEO in black

Pioneering bearing

Pioneering bearing

Even our ‘smallest’ comes with a benchmark bearing design: The new, maintenance-free DTD® bearing with diamond-coated spindle is extremely robust, rigid and ultra-precise.

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AVC technology

AVC technology

The integrated AC motor with speed-regulated belt drive is super quiet and is powered by an external, extremely stable multi-voltage power supply. Our innovative AVC technology is also used in the Maximus NEO.

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Purist design

Purist design

The control panel is harmo­niously inte­grated into the chassis and controls the precise digital motor elec­tro­nics of the Maximus NEO.

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Resonance-reducing chassis design

Resonance-reducing chassis design

The chassis is based on our unique CLD techno­logy and is rea­lized with special alu­minum alloys in the Maximus NEO. The 3-point suspen­sion with the gel-damped feet specially deve­loped by Acoustic Signa­ture ensures optimum decoupling.

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Test reports

Maximus NEO review on AnalogPlanet 01/2023

“It’s a well-built machine that’s dead-quiet, fast off the mark, super-resol­ving, and uber-lively. In short, it’s a maxi­mally great turn­table well worth checking out. Gut gemacht!”

by Ken Micallef

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Maximus NEO, TA-1000 NEO and MCX3 in Absolute Sound 09/2022

“A turn­table is all about spin­ning vinyl with speed accu­racy and minimal bearing chatter. The Maximus NEO does an excel­lent job of that.”

(Test with TA-1000 NEO & MCX3)

the absolute sound Editor’s Choice Award 2023
The Absolute Sound - Product of The Year 2022

Absolute Sound
by Dick Olsher

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Maximus NEO test report in Stereo 07/2021

“The southern German analog specia­list presents a turn­table that has a thought-out design down to the smal­lest aspects and is manu­fac­tured exqui­sitely. The dyna­mically grip­ping and at the same time finely differen­tiated sound with compact, accu­rately ordered spatial imaging corres­ponds to the flawless finish in its finesse.”

(Test with TA-500 NEO & MCX2)

by Matthias Boede

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Unboxing & Setup Video

This YouTube video features the unboxing of a Maximus NEO followed by setup and adjustment instructions for the turn­table – which is achieved in just a few steps.

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Technical data

AC-motors:1 (integrated)
Drive system:RPM-regulated belt drive with speed fine adjustment
AVC:Level 1
Speed range:33 1/3 RPM and
45 RPM
Power adapter:Exter­nal power supply
(100 – 260 V AC, 50 / 60Hz. / 24 V DC)
(WxDxH: 6 x 12 x 5.5cm; 0.2 kg)
Control panel:Integrated
Bearing:High-precision Dura Turn Diamond® bearing
Tone arm compati­bility:9 inch tonearms
Maximum number of tone arms:1
Platter:Alumi­num anodized
(Ø 300 x 34 mm / 5,8 kg)
Chassis:30 mm massive aluminum chassis
Feet:3 height-adjustable gel-damped aluminum feet
Dimen­sions (WxDxH):415 x 315 x 120 mm
Weight:ca. 18 kg

Available finishes

Chassis and platter:Black (anodized),
Silver (anodized) oder

Package contents

  • Maximus NEO chassis
  • Platter
  • External power supply
  • Power cord
  • Drive belt
  • Bearing oil
  • Carbon mat
  • Gloves
  • Instruction manual


15 year warranty

Maximus NEO

Calm set up

The 18 kilo Maximus NEO rests on a three-point setup with special developed gel-damped and height-adjustable feet.