TA-7000 NEO

Acoustic Signature

Welcome to the abso­lute world class of tone­arms! With its carbon arm­tube, its spe­cial inner cons­truc­tion, the ball bea­rings used in astro­nau­tics, the high-purity silver wiring and last but not least the famous manu­fac­tu­ring quality of Acoustic Signa­ture, the TA‑7000 NEO is one of those tone­arms which are rather limi­ted by the choice of the cart­ridge or turn­table. In short: The 9-inch and 12-inch ver­sions of the TA‑7000 NEO are made to be paired with the very best cart­ridges and turn­tables.

TA-7000 NEO in silver

TA-7000 NEO in black

TA-7000 NEO in gold

TA-7000 NEO in silverblackgold

Special features:

  • Tonearm with 3D-damped carbon armtube
  • Super-low resonance, extremly rigid and conical shaped tube design
  • Available as 9″ and 12″ version
  • Optimal tracking results due to pre-tensioned high-precision ball bearings
  • Better rigidity and smooth operation due to stainless steel tonearm axis design
  • Internal high-purity silver wiring (4N)
  • Supplied with external Audioquest 5-pin phono cable (1.5 m, RCA or XLR)
  • Counterweight made of brass
  • Optional head­shell made of massive titanium
  • Adjustable VTA & azimuth
  • Anti-skating knob
  • SME-type mounting versions
  • 5-year warranty (with registration)

5 year warranty

Handmade in Germany

Precision bearing

Precision bearing

The TA-7000 NEO ensu­res perfect tracking results due to the pre-tensioned, high-precision ball bea­ring which was origi­nally desig­ned for it’s reli­able use in astro­nautics.



The super-low reso­nance, extremely rigid and coni­cal shaped tube design of the TA-7000 NEO fea­tures a spe­cial inner 3D-damped carbon arm­tube construction.

4N Silver

4N Silver

The Acoustic Signa­ture TA‑7000 NEO has an internal high-purity silver wiring, making the tonearm a perfect match for the very best cartridges.



The famous production process of Acoustic Signature with an unmatched depth of manufacturing and years of experience offers highest quality standards, outstanding materials and extreme reliability.

Technical data

Available sizes:9″ version,
12″ version
Length:289 mm (9″ version),
358 mm (12″ version)
Effective length:239.3 mm (9″ version),
309 mm (12″ version)
Mounting distance
(from pivot to center of platter):
222 mm (9″ version),
295.8 mm (12″ version)
Total weight:678 g (9″ version),
687 g (12″ version)
Effective mass:10.2 g (9″ version),
13.9 g (12″ version)
Tilt angle
(depends on cartridge):
23,9° (9″ version),
12.1° (12″ version)
Overhang:17.3 mm (9″ version),
13.2 mm (12″ version)
Cartridge balance range:4 to 16 g
Tonearm mounting versions:SME style
Armtube:3D-damped carbon armtube
Signal cable material:High-purity silver wiring (4N)
Phono cable:1.5 m phono cable
by Audio­quest
Connectors:5-pin to RCA or XLR/ground connector

Available finishes

Tonearm:Black (anodized, optional: counter weight 24K gold-plated),
Silver (anodized),
24K gold-plated;
Optional: massive titanium headshell upgrade

Package contents

  • TA-7000 NEO tonearm
  • Counter weight
  • Adjustment template
  • Phono­ cable
  • Additional weight
  • Base mount
  • Screws
  • Toolset
  • Instruction manual


5 year warranty

TA-7000 NEO mounted on the Ascona NEO

World class

The TA-7000 NEO mounted on the new Ascona NEO turntable in silver finish. The tonearm has a cutting-edge perfor­mance, made for the best turntables.


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