Repair of
Acoustic Signature products

Durability and high quality charac­terize all Acoustic Signa­ture products. Manufac­turing defects are highly unlikely, but even with the most careful produc­tion and control mea­sures are not exclu­ded – just as transport damage or ope­rating errors. In addition, turn­tables, tone­arms and cart­ridges are compo­nents where even compo­nents of the highest manu­fac­turing quality can even­tually be subject to mechanical wear.

No matter how far back the produc­tion date of your turn­table or tone­arm may be – our repair service will not leave you out in the cold: Acoustic Signa­ture keeps spare parts for all products in stock and is able to produce other parts in short time if necessary.

You can easily replace many wear parts like drive belts etc. by yourself. In such cases you can contact our spare parts service directly:

spare part service…

Reparatur bei Acoustic Signature

Should your Acoustic Signa­ture product show a defect, please contact our expert team with a repair request using the special form below. Please use this option even if your product is still under warranty.

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