Acoustic Signature

The Acoustic Signature MCX3 is a modern moving-coil cart­ridge, manu­fac­tu­red accor­ding to the latest techno­logies – the opti­mal part­ner for our NEO tone­arm series. A ‘nude’ fine line stylus assu­ring best tracking results, high-purity copper coils and a CNC-milled and reso­nance-opti­mized chassis deve­loped accor­ding to the finite ele­ment design principle form the basis for a first-class cartridge.

Acoustic Signature MCX3 cartridge seen from aside

Special features:

  • Modern MC cart­ridge with high-purity copper coils
  • Reso­nance-opti­mized aluminum chassis
  • Easy mounting
  • Excellent tracking due to the nude fine line stylus
  • Suitable for medium to high mass tonearms

Acoustic Signature MCX3 cartridge seen from the front

Acoustic Signature MCX3 cartridge seen from the back

Test reports

MCX3 review in Audio & Video Latvia

“Those who like complex orches­tral compo­sitions with wide angles of melody and bright low fre­quen­cies will like the slightly softe­ned diction of the MCX-3 in the high frequen­cies.”

(MX3 with Hurricane NEO and TA‑2000 NEO)

Audio & Video

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Maximus NEO, TA-1000 NEO and MCX3 in Absolute Sound 09/2022

“Unlike many mc cart­ridges that seem to etch the treble range, it was consis­tently detai­led yet easy to listen to. Repro­duc­tion of violin over­tones was pure and suffi­ciently sweet to satisfy even a tube aficio­nado such as me. … Sound­stage trans­parency was superb.”

(Test with Maximus NEO & TA-1000 NEO)

The Absolute Sound - Product of The Year 2022

Absolute Sound
by Dick Olsher

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Maximus SE Test in Image Hifi 02/2020

“Opens a world of inter­me­diate tones and finest tran­si­tions. Thou­sands of colors of a sym­phony orchestra are pain­ted and the infi­nite widths of large recor­ding rooms are struc­tured in detail. The poten­tial of the turn­table and tone­arm are pushed to the limits.”

(MCX3 with the Maximus SE and TA-2000)

Image Hifi
Heinz Gelking

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Test review Typhoon NEO, TA-2000 NEO and MCX 3 in Audio 06/2021

“very balanced and natural with a beau­tifully deep stage”

( MCX3 with the Typhoon NEO & TA-2000 NEO)

Andreas Eichels­doerfer

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Audiogram of the MCX3 cartridge in Audio 06/2021
Klangtipp MCX3 in Audio 06/2021

Goldenes Ohr 2022 award by Audio

The MCX3 is awarded with the Goldenes Ohr 2022 award.

The Acoustic Signa­ture MCX3 was awarded with the “Golde­nes Ohr 2022” (“Golden Ear”) by the german maga­zine Audio in the category cart­ridges.

Technical data

Cartridge system:Moving-coil
Stylus type:Nude fine line
Coil material:4N copper
Cartridge chassis:Resonance-optimized aluminum chassis
Voltage output
(at 1 kHz, 5 cm/sec.):
0.35 mV
Channel balance at 1 kHz:< 1.2 dB
Channel separation at 1 kHz:> 24 dB
Compliance, dynamic, lateral:15 m/mN
Tracking force range:2.1 to 2.5 g
Recommended tracking force:2.3 g (23 mN)
Frequency range at -3 dB:20-25,000 Hz
Frequency response 20-20,000 Hz:± 1.5 dB
DC resistance:
Recommended load:100 
Cartidge weight:12.6 g