TA-2000 NEO

Acoustic Signature

Our TA‑2000 NEO undoub­tedly plays with the ‘big boys’ – not only because of the imma­culate work­man­ship typical of Acoustic Signa­ture. The tone­arm com­bines an extra­ordi­narily stiff and at the same time well-dam­ped dual-layer carbon armtube with almost friction­less pre­cision ball bea­rings and an internal high-quality wiring by Mogami. In short: a tone­arm that har­mo­nizes with top range cart­ridges. Regardless if you decide for the 9 inch or 12 inch version, the Acoustic Signature TA‑2000 NEO guarantees that your turn­table’s perfor­mance will not remain below its capabilities.

TA-2000 NEO in silver

TA-2000 NEO in black

TA-2000 NEO in gold

TA-2000 NEO in chrome

TA-2000 NEO in silverblackgoldchrome

Special features:

  • Tonearm with dual-layer carbon armtube
  • Low resonance, rigid tube design
  • Available as 9″ and 12″ version
  • Excellent tracking results due to precision miniature ball bearings by SKF
  • Better rigidity and smooth operation due to stainless steel tonearm axis design
  • Internal studio-quality copper wiring by MOGAMI
  • Supplied with external Audioquest 5-pin copper phono cable (RCA)
  • Counterweight made of brass
  • Adjustable VTA & azimuth
  • Anti-skating knob
  • Rega- and SME-type mounting versions
  • 5-year warranty (with registration)

5 year warranty

Handmade in Germany

Absolutely variable

Absolutely variable

To match the look of your turntable, the TA‑2000 NEO is available in various finishes – including 24-carat gold plating. In addition to the brass counterweight, an add-on weight for heavy cartridges is also included.

SKF precision ball bearings

SKF precision ball bearings

The TA‑2000 NEO comes with high-precision ball bea­rings by SKF that provide excel­lent control for optimal tracking results. For increased rigidity and smooth­ness, the tonearm axis is made of stain­less steel.

A tonearm for every cartridge

A tonearm for every cartridge

An extremely rigid yet well-damped dual-layer carbon armtube effec­tively mini­mizes unwanted vibrations. The TA‑2000 NEO offers simple VTA, azimuth and anti-skating adjust­ment, allowing fine-tuning for optimum cart­ridge performance.

Thought out down to the last detail

Thought out down to the last detail

The headshell of the TA‑2000 NEO offers virtually no surface for unwanted reso­nances.The internal MOGAMI studio-quality copper wiring and the included Audioquest 5‑pin copper phono cable contri­bute to the TA‑2000 NEO’s top-of-the-line performance.

Test reports

Testreport Verona NEO, TA-2000 NEO and MCX4 in image hifi 2/2024

“The two excel­lent arms are in no way infe­rior to the high quality of the drive unit. The long arm plays a little more quietly than the short one, and picks up the bass even more effort­lessly. In return, the short arm is almost more dynamic. …Those who can afford both arms should consider them­selves lucky.”

(TA-2000 NEO with Verona NEO and MCX4)

image hifi
by Andreas Wende­roth

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Acoustic Signature Verona NEO and TA-2000 NEO review in Stereo 2/2024

“Per­haps it helps to point out that fans of rock styles will get on well with the nine-inch stan­dard version, while lovers of sym­phonic music and opera should opt for twelve inches from the start. Or you can do as we did: Treat your­self to both tone­arms – and then meticu­lously select the ideal pickup for each. A cele­bration for the analog heart!”

(TA‑2000 NEO with Verona NEO)

by Matthias Boede

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TA-2000 NEO review in Audio & Video Latvia

“The TA-2000 NEO’s 9-inch tone­arm has a solid bea­ring housing that per­fectly matches the look of the turn­table. Its rigid and hard tube is crea­ted using Dual Layer techno­logy, two layers are placed inside each other. Low-friction ball bearings are produ­ced by the SKF company, inter­nal cable by Mogami is another name of the top league manufac­turer.”

(TA‑2000 NEO with Hurricane NEO and MCX3)

Audio & Video

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Hurricane NEO & TA-2000 NEO review in Stereoplay 08/2023

“The mecha­nical miracle of the TA-2000 Neo is not one iota behind the manufac­turing quality of the turn­table. […] The question of whether the 12-incher sounds less distor­ted soon became aca­demic in view of an over­whel­mingly clean spatial repre­sen­ta­tion with concrete-solid defi­nition.”

(TA‑2000 NEO with Hurricane NEO)

by Roland Kraft

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Awarded with Editor’s Choice 2023 by The Absolute Sound

Absolute Sound


the absolute sound Editor’s Choice Award 2023

The Editor’s Choice Award 2023 of The Absolute Sound is published in their march 2023 issue. Seven Acoustic Signa­ture products are on their honorable list and the TA-2000 NEO is among them!

Review on the Acoustic Signature Hurricane NEO in Stereo 2/2022

“Anyone who expe­rie­nces how richly sha­ded the German can fan out dark clouds of sound from the lowest fre­quency depths under­stands the impor­tance of this quality for the live­liness and nobi­lity of the overall per­for­mance.”

(TA‑2000 NEO with Hurricane NEO)

by Matthias Boede

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Test review Typhoon NEO, TA-2000 NEO and MCX 3 in Audio 06/2021

“With a weight of 545 grams the TA-2000 Neo from their own collection is a medium-heavy 9-inch tonearm that is also avai­lable in a 12-inch version. A stiff, well dampened dual carbon pipe, combined with a zero-play ball bearing sus­pen­sion makes it the ideal partner for the Typhoon Neo. From the Typhoon Neo came the pure music. What sounds so trivial, is actu­ally the very great art which only a few can master.”

(Typhoon NEO, TA-2000 NEO & MCX3)

by Andreas Eichels­doerfer

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Technical data

Available sizes:9″ version,
12″ version
Length:293 mm (9″ version),
358 mm (12″ version)
Effective length:239.3 mm (9″ version),
309 mm (12″ version)
Mounting distance
(from pivot to center of platter):
222 mm (9″ version),
295.8 mm (12″ version)
Total weight:545 g (9″ version),
547 g (12″ version)
Effective mass:9.6 g (9″ version),
12.6 g (12″ version)
Tilt angle
(depends on cartridge):
23.9° (9″ version),
12.1° (12″ version)
Overhang:17.3 mm (9″ version),
13.2 mm (12″ version)
Cartridge balance range:6 to 16 g
Mounting:Rega style,
SME style
Armtube:Dual-layer carbon
Signal cable material:Copper wiring by Mogami
Phono cable:Phono cable
by Audio­quest
Connectors:5-pin to RCA/ground connector

Available finishes

Tonearm:Black (anodized, optional: counter weight 24K gold-plated),
Silver (anodized),
24K gold-plated

Package contents

  • TA-2000 NEO tonearm
  • Counter weight
  • Adjustment template
  • Phono­ cable
  • Additional weight
  • Base mount
  • Screws
  • Toolset
  • Instruction manual


5 year warranty

Der TA-2000 NEO tonearm mounted on the Tornado NEO turntable

Stormy combination

The TA‑2000 NEO tone­arm mounted on the Tornado NEO turn­table. Avai­lable in silver (ano­dized), black (ano­dized), chrome and 24K gold-plated, the TA-2000 NEO per­fectly mat­ches the looks of the selec­ted turn­table finish.


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