TA-2000 NEO

Acoustic Signature

Our TA‑2000 NEO undoub­tedly plays with the ‘big boys’ – not only because of the imma­culate work­man­ship typical of Acoustic Signa­ture: the concept of this tone­arm com­bines an extra­ordi­narily stiff and at the same time well-dam­ped dual-layer carbon tube with an almost friction­less pre­cision ball bea­rings and a high-quality Mogami inter­nal wiring. In short: a tone­arm that har­mo­nizes with most of the top range cart­ridges. Regardless if you decide for the 9 inch or 12 inch version: the Acoustic Signature TA‑2000 NEO ensures your turn­table perfor­mance will not stay behind its possibilities.

TA-2000 NEO in silver

TA-2000 NEO in black

TA-2000 NEO in gold

TA-2000 NEO in silverblackgold

Special features:

  • Tonearm with dual-layer carbon armtube
  • Low resonance, rigid tube design
  • Available as 9″ and 12″ version
  • Excellent tracking results due to precision miniature ball bearings by SKF
  • Better rigidity and smooth operation due to stainless steel tonearm axis design
  • Internal studio-quality copper wiring by MOGAMI
  • Supplied with external Audioquest 5-pin copper phono cable (RCA)
  • Counterweight made of brass
  • Adjustable VTA & azimuth
  • Anti-skating knob
  • Rega- and SME-type mounting versions
  • 5-year warranty (with registration)

5 year warranty

Handmade in Germany

Arm tube design

Arm tube design

The TA‑2000 NEO has an extra­ordi­nary rigid and on the other hand well-damped dual-layer arm­tube made of carbon, lea­ding to a very low resonance.

Easy adjustable

Easy adjustable

The set-up of the TA‑2000 NEO is com­for­table thanks to an anti-skating knob and VTA as well as azimuth adjust­ment. The adjust­ment temp­late provi­ded with the tone­arm helps with the exact instal­lation. Moun­ting is avai­lable for the Rega or SME norm.

Ball bearing

Ball bearing

Excellent tracking results are achieved thanks to the preci­sion minia­ture ball bearing of the TA‑2000 NEO. The stain­less steel tone­arm axis cons­truc­tion performs with a better rigidity and smooth operation.

Internal wiring

Internal wiring

The inner copper wiring by Mogami has studio-quality. The tone­arm is sup­plied with an exter­nal 5-pin to RCA copper phono cable by Audioquest.

Test report

Test review Typhoon NEO, TA-2000 NEO and MCX 3 in Audio 06/2021

“With a weight of 545 grams the TA-2000 Neo from their own collection is a medium-heavy 9-inch tonearm that is also avai­lable in a 12-inch version. A stiff, well dampened dual carbon pipe, combined with a zero-play ball bearing sus­pen­sion makes it the ideal partner for the Typhoon Neo. From the Typhoon Neo came the pure music. What sounds so trivial, is actu­ally the very great art which only a few can master.”

by Andreas Eichels­doerfer

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Technical data

Available sizes:9″ version,
12″ version
Length:293 mm (9″ version),
358 mm (12″ version)
Effective length:239.3 mm (9″ version),
309 mm (12″ version)
Mounting distance
(from pivot to center of platter):
222 mm (9″ version),
295.8 mm (12″ version)
Total weight:545 g (9″ version),
547 g (12″ version)
Effective mass:9.6 g (9″ version),
12.6 g (12″ version)
Tilt angle
(depends on cartridge):
23.9° (9″ version),
12.1° (12″ version)
Overhang:17.3 mm (9″ version),
13.2 mm (12″ version)
Cartridge balance range:4 to 16 g
Tonearm mounting versions:Rega style,
SME style
Armtube:Dual-layer carbon
Signal cable material:Copper wiring by Mogami
Phono cable:Phono cable
by Audio­quest
Connectors:5-pin to RCA/ground connector

Available finishes

Tonearm:Black (anodized, optional: counter weight 24K gold-plated),
Silver (anodized),
24K gold-plated

Package contents

  • TA-2000 NEO tonearm
  • Counter weight
  • Adjustment template
  • Phono­ cable
  • Additional weight
  • Base mount
  • Screws
  • Toolset
  • Instruction manual


5 year warranty

Der TA-2000 NEO tonearm mounted on the Tornado NEO turntable

Stormy combination

The TA‑2000 NEO tone­arm mounted on the Tornado NEO turn­table. Avai­lable in silver (ano­dized), black (ano­dized) and 24K gold-plated, the TA-2000 NEO per­fectly mat­ches the looks of the selec­ted turn­table finish.


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