Typhoon NEO

Acoustic Signature

The Typhoon NEO knows almost no com­pro­mises! Prepa­red for 3 tone­arms and equip­ped with the second-highest expan­sion stages of our newest drive sys­tem and chas­sis techno­logies, this high mass turn­table will pro­duce high audio­phile waves – in the most posi­tive sense. It is abso­lutely clear to us: The overall perfor­mance of the Acoustic Signa­ture Typhoon NEO is at a level that will beat some of the world’s best and much more expen­sive turn­tables.

Typhoon NEO in silver

Typhoon NEO in black

Typhoon NEO in bi-color

Typhoon NEO in silverblackbi-color

Special features:

  • 3 integrated, completely insulated AC-motors
  • External digital motor controller DMC-20 with super stable multi-voltage power supply and innovative AVC technology level 2 (Auto­matic Vibration Control)
  • Ultraprecise, extremely rigid and robust DTD® bearing with diamond-coated spindle (Dura Turn Diamond® Bearing)
  • Exclusive Silencer technology for effective reduction of platter vibration with 24 Silencer modules
  • Massive aluminum chassis with CLD technology (Constraint Layer Damping) for significantly improved resonance behavior
  • RPM-regulated double belt drive with speed fine adjustment for the subplatter
  • 3-point setup with special gel-damped feet

Acoustic Signature AVC - Automatic Vibration Control

Acoustic Signature CLD - Constraint Layer Damping

Acoustic Signature DTD - Dura Turn Diamond Bearing

15 year warranty

Handmade in Germany

Acoustic Signature Typhoon NEO, silver, front view
Acoustic Signature Typhoon NEO in black
Acoustic Signature Typhoon NEO, silver, sideview



The Typhoon NEO convinces with it’s eye catching design approach and the perfect manufacturing quality. The chassis is made of 75 mm aluminum alloy and is resting on special gel-damped feet.

Three motors

Three motors

3 inte­grated, com­ple­tely insu­lated AC-motors power the sub­platter of the Typhoon NEO via a RPM-regu­lated double belt drive. The turn­table reaches the second-highest expan­sion stage of our AVC technology (level 2).

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CLD & 3 tonearms

CLD & 3 tonearms

Our CLD techno­logy provides a signi­ficantly improved reso­nance beha­vior. The turn­table is avai­lable in 3 finishes: silver, black and a special bi-color combination. Up to 3 tonearms are mountable on the Typhoon NEO.

the tonearms…

DTD® bearing

DTD® bearing

The bearing is the heart of every turn­­table. The Typhoon NEO is equipped with our new ground­breaking Dura Turn Diamond® bearing.

the DTD® bearing…

Typhoon NEO Silencer modules

Silencer modules

The Silen­cers absorb unwan­ted vibra­tions, lea­ding to a huge improve­ment in sound fidelity. The Typhoon NEO’s platter features 24 Silencer modules. The basic Silencer finish is polished brass with an optional upgrade to 24 carat gold-plated or polished chrome.


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Stormy siblings

The basic design approach unites the Tornado NEO, Hurricane NEO and Typhoon NEO turn­tables. All three models are sub­plat­ter driven and have the new DTD® bearing in common.

But the further fea­tures and technology levels of the three high mass turn­tables differ aside these characteristics:


Tornado NEO

Hurricane NEO

Typhoon NEO

AVC:Level 1Level 1Level 2
Power supply:DMC-10DMC-10DMC-20
Chassis:45 mm50 mm75 mm
Weight:26.5 kg30 kg35 kg

Technical data

Drive system:RPM-regulated double belt drive with speed fine adjustment for the subplatter
AVC:Level 2
Speed range:33 1/3 RPM and
45 RPM
Power adapter:External digital motor controller DMC-20 with super stable power supply
(100 V – 260 V AC, 50 Hz.)
Optional: 24 V DC Input via XLR 5-pole connector
Control panel:External with flexible placement
Bearing:High-precision Dura Turn Diamond® bearing
Tone arm base:Up to 3 adjustable armboards
1 x designed to fit to customers tonearm
2 more armbases mountable (sold separately)
Tone arm compati­bility:9 to 12 inch
Maximum number of tone arms:3
Platter:Aluminum anodized
(Ø 310 x 50 mm / 13 kg),
with Silen­cer modules
Chassis:75 mm aluminum alloy
Feet:3 height-adjustable gel-damped aluminum feet
Dimen­sions (WxDxH):450 x 460 x 190 mm
Weight:35 kg

Available finishes

Chassis and platter:Black (anodized),
silver (anodized) or
Silencer:Polished brass,
optional: 24 carat gold-plated or polished chrome

Package contents

  • Typhoon NEO chassis
  • Platter
  • Subplatter
  • Arm­base
  • External power supply DMC-20
  • External control panel
  • Power cord
  • Patch cable RJ45 blue
  • Patch cable RJ45 red
  • 3 drive belts
  • Armbase wrench
  • Tool set
  • Leather mat
  • Gloves
  • Instruction manual


15 year warranty

Acoustic Signature Typhoon NEO components

High quality parts

All selected compo­nents of the Typhoon NEO are manu­fac­tured with cutting-edge CNC techno­logy at Acoustic Signa­tures factory in Germany. The turn­table is manually assem­bled by our highly qualified staff. Top quality mate­rials are of utmost importance.


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